ESP Modular  4 to 13 Stations  Rain Bird

ESP Modular 4 to 13 Stations Rain Bird

Ricambi per 690 (4) Bilancere Reggi molla

Ricambi per 690 (4) Bilancere Reggi molla

RAIN BIRD Ugello 15 ( 4.5 mt di raggio ) angolo fisso

RAIN BIRD Ugello 15 ( 4.5 mt di raggio ) angolo fisso

ESP Modular 4 to 13 Stations Rain Bird

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the new Hybrid controller: solid state and electromechanical

-maximize your productivity


 modularity – start with the 4-station base

controller and easily expand to 13.

Minimize inventory; always keep the right

station count on hand

 Quality – Built-in reliability; designed with

durable parts, superior surge protection and

high temperature tolerance

 easy-to-use esp-style programming –

so simple to set up, time tested and

homeowner approved; you’ll be on to the

next job faster than ever


 • Rain Bird’s intuitive ESP (Extra

Simple Programming) interface with

- water Budget (0-200%) function adjusts run

time of all valves

- programmable delay between stations

allows the additional time between stations

for water well recovery or slow-closing valves

- programmable master valve/pump start

circuit allows the user to set the pump to

operate with specific stations as needed

- contractor defaulttm function saves a

customized default program which can be

easily accessed at a later date. this is useful

for quickly reloading a schedule which has

been altered or for temporary use with new

seed or sod

- ideal for operating non-irrigation systems

thanks to the Unique auxiliary station™

(station 13) that can be set to bypass an

active sensor or operate as a normal station

- three independent programs provide

versatile irrigation control

- permanent day off feature prevents watering

on any day of a week in any cycle mode

• All the advantages you’ve come to

expect from Rain Bird controllers

- non volatile memory maintains the program

during a power outage

- 5 year lithium battery maintains time and

date for a cumulative life of 5 years in the

absence of ac power

- dedicated sensor terminals allow the user to

easily connect a sensor for maximum water


- multilingual packaging and overlay to

facilitate the programming of the controller

• The troubleshooting features you

need to save time

- Led light indicates rain sensor status

(activated or bypassed)

- diagnostic self-setting circuit breaker

identifies a station with valve or wiring

problems and continue watering operable


- enhanced diagnostic feedback™ function

alerts user to programming errors or

conditions that prevent an irrigation station

from running

- “valve test terminal” allows the contractor

to test the valve wires during installation

• Robust design facilitates reliability

and durability

- spacious heavy-duty cabinet with internal

junction box for a clean and professional

looking installation

- improved ribbon cable provides better

visibility and ease of connection


number of programs: 3

automatic starts: 4 per day per program for up to

12 starts time

programming schedules:

- 7-day weekly

- even day

- Odd day +/- 31st

- cyclic

permanent day off

station timing: 0 to 6 hours for all station


• Input required: 230VAC – 50Hz

Output: 25,5 vac 1a

• Superior surge protection on all terminals

protects against power surges . primary

input side has built in mOv (metal oxide

varistor) to protect microcircuitry. Output

side has 2 built in mOv for each valve station

• Multi-valve station capacity: up to two 24

vac, 7a solenoid valves per station plus a

master valve.


width: 27,2 cm

Height: 19,5 cm

depth: 11,2 cm


iesp-4m : esp modular outdoor, 50Hz


3-station extension module

Rsd-Bex : Rain sensor

Rain cHecK™: automatic Rain shutoff devic

wR2-Rfc-868: wireless Rain/freeze combo sensor

wR2-Rc-868: wireless Rain combo sensor

smRt-y: soil moisture sensor Kit


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