Amazon Pay payment system

- What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to send payments for products and services using the payment methods already associated with your account. To make a payment, you can use one of the methods available in your account.

- Are transactions with Amazon Pay secure?

In the event of unauthorized Amazon Pay charges on your payment method, you can dispute the charge. Depending on how quickly you notify us of any unauthorized transactions, you may be exempted from paying them. If you use Amazon Pay for qualified purchases on third party websites, the condition of the purchased item and the punctuality of delivery are guaranteed by the Amazon A to Z Guarantee. If you pay for a product or service but do not receive the ordered item, or if it is substantially different from that advertised by the seller, you can contest the transaction and request a refund. For more information, see Transaction disputes.

- Is payment information shared with other people?

Amazon Pay does not share your payment method data with others. If you use Amazon Pay you don't need to share your payment information with others. When you use Amazon Pay, any changes made to the payment methods will also take effect in the account (and vice versa).

- Which payment methods can be used with Amazon Pay?

The payment methods available in the account can also be used with Amazon Pay.

- How much does Amazon Pay cost?

It costs nothing. The use of Amazon Pay does not imply any fees for transactions with the seller. The purchase does not involve transaction fees, nor registration fees, exchange rates, foreign transaction fees or other fees. The credit card company, however, can add a commission for foreign transactions, if the card is issued in a country other than the seller's country, as well as other commissions described in the terms and conditions of your credit card.

 - How can I change my account information?

You can manage almost all aspects of your account directly on Go to, log in and click on My account. Additional changes can be made on the Amazon Pay website.For detailed information on the data you can edit, and where to edit it, see Amazon Pay Account Settings.

- How can I make a payment?
If the Amazon Pay payment method is accepted to purchase a product or service, click on the Amazon Pay button or logo, enter the e-mail address and password and select the preferred payment method. For more information, see Paying for products and services.

- How do I recognize a payment I made with Amazon Pay on my credit card statement?
Payments you make using Amazon Pay are marked on your credit card statement with the following expression:

AMZ * [Seller name]

- Can I ship my order to an Amazon Locker?
No, only purchases made directly on the Amazon website can be shipped to an Amazon Locker. Do not add the address of an Amazon Locker as the shipping address for your Amazon Pay purchases. Orders paid with Amazon Pay cannot be delivered to an Amazon Locker.

- I think I got a phishing email. What should I do?
If you receive a phishing email, you must report it as soon as possible. Please contact us promptly to report a phishing case. For information on how to identify and report phishing emails, see Scams and phishing on the Internet.

- I have a problem with my account or when I try to complete a purchase through my account. What should I do?
We are sorry that you encountered a problem with Amazon Pay. Here are some tips that can help you solve the problem:

When you are completing the purchase, check that the e-mail address and password associated with are entered correctly.

  • If you can enter your e-mail address and password but cannot complete the purchase, check that the payment method is set correctly. To do this, follow the steps described in Amazon Pay Account Settings.
  • If the payment method is set correctly but you still cannot complete the purchase, use the contact form available on Amazon Pay.
  • If you do not have an account or cannot create it, access the website (, click on the Help link at the top right, select Contact us, then select Do not perform sign in and follow the instructions view