Terms and conditions


Each order will be accompanied by a regular sales receipt issued by Import Irrigation Systems S.r.l. and prices are intended VAT included.

In order to have an invoice, you must make a request through the note of the order or through an email to amministrazione@my4garden.com immediately executed the order, no later than 5 hours from the order (due to any procedure already evaded from the warehouse)

The invoice with an amount below € 50 in net amount will be subject to a supplement of € 5 for practical management. (adding the product "practical management" in the cart)


The Customer Assistance Service guarantees complete pre and post sales assistance. Access to customer service is by telephone by dialing the number at the ordinary rate (+39) 049 5591020, through our contact form info@my4garden.com or through our chat.

Shipping fees

The costs are calculated based on the weight of the package and its destination, in any case the costs will be calculated and indicated in the cart at the time of completion of the order. In case of withdrawal, consult the page concerning the right of withdrawal.


The delivery speed normally varies from the moment of confirmation of the shipment from 24 to 48 hours for the national territory and about 72 hours for the islands such as Sicily, Sardinia and areas such as Calabria. The exact amount will be calculated and proposed at the time of purchase after having indicated the shipping data. All transports with a value of 3.27 + VAT are shipped with Italian Post with average delivery times of 3 to 5 days. It is possible to request the speeding up of these shipments with little integration. Important to contact us by phone at +39 0495591020 or by email info@my4garden.com.

Delivery of products

www.my4garden.com delivers its products through the companies it represents within the National Territory. (and in all European Union countries upon specific request)

Courier Used

The courier varies depending on the weight of the package and its destination Poste Italiane, SDA or others.

Delivery times and methods

www.my4garden.com reserves about five working days for the retrieval of the goods, the packaging, and the completion of the necessary administrative procedures. To this day we must add the time taken by the courier for delivery, times and methods vary depending on the courier that will be used.

* Expresso Courier

Executive totally covers the Italian territory: the capillarity results in the presence of 130 offices and 9 sorting centers. In this way, the distribution of goods is normally guaranteed within 24/48 hours, even in peripheral locations. It ships goods from 0 to 300 kg. The collection request service is provided, therefore before the delivery you will be contacted by phone to arrange the delivery day.

How to behave when the product is delivered

When the courier makes the delivery you will have to check:

That the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case complies with the standard characteristics of a package, the number of packages (number of packages) indicated on the invoice corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered. Any disputes must be immediately raised to the carrier (indicating acceptance with reservation). In the absence of these, the product is considered delivered correctly. The invoice or receipt, contained in the pocket (when present) applied to the outside of the package must be kept.

How to behave in case of damage due to transport

If the unloading of the goods is evident damage to the packaging must: express a reservation or the package is accepted but before signing the document you must write "I accept with reserve", it will be possible once opened the package and found any damage , be compensated for the damage suffered or reject the damaged goods if it is not possible to accept the package with reserve or in case the damage is still visible without having to open the package.

N.B. If a product is ordered incorrectly (for example because the specifications indicated in the product sheet have not been read), the collection and redelivery costs of the new product will be charged to the customer together with an extra € 10 as expenses for the recovery of the practice .

Payment forms accepted

In case of non-collection, through the various payment systems offered on our site (Paypal, bank transfer and IWSmile), the orders will be, after a week 5 working days of waiting, automatically canceled.

- Payment for collection of goods at our warehouses
- Mark
- Credit Cards, American Express and Visa and Mastercard circuits.
- Advance Bank Transfer
- PostePay

- Amazon Pay
- PayPal

* Cash on delivery payments

Cash on delivery means payment in cash only to the courier (we remind you that the new regulation December 2011 requires the maximum payment in cash € 999.00) at the time of delivery of the products ONLY CASH. The courier accepts only exact amounts, corresponding to the amount of the order (there is no refund of the rest); N.B. We do not accept payments with Checks or Postal Bulletins.

* Payment by bank transfer in advance:

By choosing an advance bank transfer, we will send you a confirmation e-mail containing our bank details and you can make the payment. Later, in order to speed up the process of sending the goods, we advise you to send a copy of the bank accountant to the fax number (+39) 049 9600538 or by mail: amministrazione@my4garden.com the Reason to be reported on the bank transfer must indicate: the order number, the name and surname of the originator. At the current state of the banking system, the reclaimed amount is credited to the beneficiary's current account not earlier than 3/5 working days from the date of execution of the same. If within 8/10 days from the order we do not receive the payment, the order will be canceled. (NO TRANSITIONAL EXTRA TAX IS NOT APPLIED)

* Bank transfer


At: Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto

Agency: Piazzola sul Brenta

IBAN: IT25Q062256272007400635579T


Reason: (Enter the order number)

N.B. In case of non-payment of the transfer within a period of 5 working days from the date of the order, this will be canceled automatically.

* Payment by credit cards

Payment system provided by Braintreepayments.com (paypal service). Upon confirmation of your order, your credit card details will be transferred, via a secure connection in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, to the bank authorized for authorization and debit. IN NO EVENT WILL WE RECEIVE THE NUMBER of your credit card but may be stored on the Braintreepayments server subject to your authorization for future transactions. We will only receive the authorization given by the card manager. This procedure is absolutely secure and fully guarantees both the buyer and the merchant. The SSL encryption system guarantees that no one can in any way read the information sent via the Internet. Attention: The holder of the order must be the holder of the credit card. A non-reserved landline or mobile telephone number must be provided. The products will be sent to the address of the order or the address indicated when ordering in the appropriate form. If the above conditions are not complied with, the bank will be required to verify the genuineness of the card ownership. At the end of the same, in case of positive result, we will proceed with the delivery of the order made. my4garden.com reserves the right to request a fax with front and back of the credit card used and a valid document to speed up the checks. (the company Import Irrigation systems s.r.l. reserves the debit to the customer of the percentage of transaction applied by the banking circuit to the current value updated at the time of the same that will always be lower than that applied to the company itself)

* Post pay

The Postepay service is accepted as a payment method since it is in effect a "Visa Electron" electronic payment form accepted by our Banca Sella payment service. (the company reserves the debit to the customer of the percentage of transaction applied by the banking circuit to the current value updated at the time of the same that will always be lower than that applied to the company itself)

* Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to send payments for products and services using the payment methods already associated with your Amazon.com account. To make a payment, you can use one of the methods available in your Amazon.com account.

* PayPal (via email)

Payments via email of PayPal, requires fast and secure payments, as well as to accept payments by credit card and via PayPal online balance. A payment request will be sent to the customers by e-mail, which will only have to click on the link or the button contained in it to make the payment directly on the www.paypal.com website. to send us direct payments to our account you can send the payment to paypal@my4garden.com. (the company reserves the debit to the customer of the percentage of transaction applied by the banking circuit to the current value updated at the time of the same that will always be lower than that applied to the company itself)


N.B. The Portal www.my4garden.com is not obliged to communicate changes in purchase conditions.