How to buy

Is it your first order on

This guide will help you step by step in the ordering process. You find that to buy in this store is sure, simple and really quick.

Find the products you need

If you already know what you need you can search for it in the simple serch tab up right. Otherwise you can look up the categories on the  list on the left. If you click on a product you’ll see the product page with all the info you need about It. If there are different versions of the same product you can choose the one you prefer  on a window on the left in  the product page to know immediately price an availability.

Add the product in the cart

Once you found out the product you want, press the button “Add to cart”. On you cart page you can check the products you chose in every moment and you if you want you can delete  any item previously chosen pressing the button cancel on the right of each item. You can also change the quantities of the chosen items inserting another number and updating the cart.  You can go on with the purchasing process pressing the checkout button.

The next step is the shipper choice. You’ll have to insert your destination data taking in consideration that the currier delivers only to companies, shops..all places where it is sure to find someone. So if it’s a personal purchase I advice to place as destination the company in which you work or a caffee near your house or something similar to avoid any delivery delays.

If the forms are filled correctly the order is confirmed and you’ll receive an order confirmation email. If there were any system error while you are filling the form the block you anyway don’t hesitate to contact us or phone : +39 049 5591020.