Info Irrigation by my4garden

The website come from the join venture of 4 companies  that worked toghether in the residential and commercial irrigation market in Italy for a long time.


1) Since 1973 Sergio Segato irrigazione (retail)

2) IMPORT IRRIGATION SYSTEMS S.r.l. (1991)  (wholesale)



Our mission is to offer to our customers a large choice of professional irrigation products from all over the world at competitive prices with a strong technincal assistence before and after sell to follow the customers from the planning phase to the maintenance and repair phases.

Our website is oriented to cover the needs of the professionals but over all of the final customer that for the first time come in this market and want to be driven to right choices to buy reliable products to irrigate their gardens.

You can contact us at or +39 049 5591020 there is an English speaking (Mr. Nicola Segato)